Frosted & Paper Cocotte

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These are ever-popular series as the presentation trays for cakes and confections. A wide product range exclusive to TEMMA that are round shapes, semitransparent and 24 different color variations. Cocotte sheets made of paper or film are also available.

  • Round cocotte

    Round cocotte

    These circular paper cocottes, not available anywhere else, are one of our up and coming hit products!
    Their cute, colorful, round shapes gently nestle circular sweets.

    [ Main use Cake tray, Baking ] *Non-grease proof

  • Frosted baking tray series

    Frosted baking tray series

    Products from the frosted series for baking.
    Presenting a level of luxury, not attainable with paper trays.

    [ Main use Cake tray, Baking ]

  • Frosted cocotte

    Frosted cocotte

    The Frosted cocotte is a TEMMA best seller.
    Customers love its translucent material.

    [ Main use Cake tray ]

  • PP clear tray

    PP clear tray

    This translucent plastic tray is made from a satin finished PP sheet.
    It provides a different look to the Frosted cocotte series.

    [ Main use Cake tray ]

  • Color cocotte

    Color cocotte

    These ever popular paper cocottes, available in 24 different colors, will not be found anywhere else.
    Their availability in a case of just 500pcs is another reason for their popularity.
    Use them to add extra color to your cakes or to brighten up an event!

    [ Main use Cake tray, Baking ] *Non-grease proof

  • Modern cocotte

    Modern cocotte

    These beautiful designs are based on a fusion between the East and the West and serve to enhance the delicious flavor of your sweets.

    [ Main use Cake tray, Baking ] *Non-grease proof

  • Paper cocotte

    Paper cocotte

    A lineup of various paper cocottes which have become accepted as the standard tray for non-baked treats.

    [ Main use Cake tray ]

  • Refined cocotte

    Refined cocotte

    The metallic and pearl sheens give an impression of sophistication and luxury.

    [ Main use Cake tray ]

  • Cocotte sheet

    Cocotte sheet

    An extensive range of materials and designs is available. Please select the one that best suits your needs.

For more details on all product and specification, see PDF file.

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