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Various product items enhance the deliciousness of confections such as cakes and cup deserts. A broad range of desert containers, bakeable cups and cake plates with various shapes and sizes are available that are made of paper or plastic.

  • Rolled free cup

    Rolled free cup

    Rolled free cups, a new product, are paper cups with PET resin laminated on the inside. (Raised bottom design)
    The cups are oven and microwave-safe for broad range of use for food and confections.

    [ Main use Cake, Food cup, Baking ]

  • Sweet wrapper

    Sweet wrapper

    Dress your cup cakes up in a fancy outfit! The elegant, delicate cut-out designs enhance your sweets, making them extra special. All the designs are exclusive to TEMMA.

    [ Main use Cup wrapper ]

  • Inner cup

    Inner cup

    These PET cups match with the sweet wrappers.
    There are five color variations, all perfect for cup cakes.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake cup ]

  • Dessert cup

    Dessert cup

    These originally developed clear cups are made with PET as their main raw material and can be used for baking. It’s a new off ering from TEMMA that is different to other regular plastic containers.

    [ Main use Dessert cup, Baking ]

  • Pure cup

    Pure cup

    These semi-transparent cups are water resistant, making them versatile use for a wide range of sweets.

    [ Main use Dessert cup, Baking ]

  • Ting cup

    Ting cup

    Introducing a new TEMMA dessert container idea. The paper label gives a soft, smooth texture with a colorful design to make your sweets look even more delicious!

    [ Main use Dessert, Food cup ]

  • Rolled cup

    Rolled cup

    The curled lip around the top gives extra strength, making these cups great for baking small treats.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Curled cup

    Curled cup

    These cups are made from a single pressed piece of paper with laminated PET, eliminating the risk of leakage.
    They're perfect for baked goods and dessert but also can be used for savory treats and any other food items.

    [ Main use Dessert, Food cup, Baking ]

  • Food cup

    Food cup

    These deep cups are excellent for savory dishes.
    The perfect individual container for takeaway foods.

    [ Main use Dessert, Food cup, Baking ]

  • Cake plate

    Cake plate

    These plates make it easy to handle delicate cakes, adding an extra flourish to the look of your dessert.

    [ Main use Cake plate ]

  • Decorative tray

    Decorative tray

    Thays for whole cakes.
    Available in gold or white.

    [ Main use Cake plate ]

  • PET gold tray

    PET gold tray

    These gold trays are essential for serving sweets.
    New shapes are added for an even more extensive lineup.

    [ Main use Cake plate ]

  • SL color

    SL color

    Choose whichever color you like from this great range of 13 beautiful colors.
    They are sure to bring some sparkle to your showcase.

    [ Main use Cake plate ]

For more details on all product and specification, see PDF file.

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