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Our products include various packages and wrapping materials like carry boxes for takeout, decorated boxes, paper wrapping bags, wax paper, cooking paper and individual packets.

  • Cake box

    Cake box

    Presenting our extensive range of standard service boxes and carry boxes.
    Large sizes for big chiffon cakes are also available.

    [ Main use Cake, Snack taking out ]

  • Loaf tray box & Decorative box

    Loaf tray box & Decorative box

    Our loaf tray boxes fit perfectly with the CT trays.
    Combine a decoration box and the tray to hold your whole cake.

    [ Main use Cake, Snack taking out ]

  • Food pail

    Food pail

    These innovative new food packages are made entirely from paper including the handle. They're known for their natural paper texture and simple, clean designs.

    [ Main use Food, Snack taking out ]

  • Food wrapping bag

    Food wrapping bag

    Perfect for wrapping sweets, bread, and other food! The high density paper prevents oil from seeping through the bag. The functional package makes it easy to pick up one bag at a time!

    [ Main use Wrapping ]

  • Kraft bag

    Kraft bag

    The natural material used in kraft paper is ideal for takeaway bakery goods. These are pouch-style gusset bags that can stand by themselves, making them easy to use.
    We can also print custom and original designs on these bags. Please feel free to contact us.

    [ Main use Bread, Food, Snack
    taking out ]

  • Greaseproof kraft bag

    Greaseproof kraft bag

    These bags are made from thin, flexible greaseproof tissue paper, so they do not curl in the way that laminated poly bags do. They are air-permeable, reducing stickiness from steam or oil and do not affect the flavor of the food. Custom printing is also available.

    [ Main use Bread, Food, Snack
    taking out ]

  • Cooking paper (Sheet)

    Cooking paper (Sheet)

    These cooking sheets for industrial use are coated with silicon on both sides.
    They come in convenient boxes and available in either plain or patterned.

    [ Main use Cooking, Baking (Microwave oven, Oven, Steam) Wrapping ]

  • Cooking paper & Wax paper (Roll)

    Cooking paper & Wax paper (Roll)

    The ample length of each roll makes these suitable for industrial use as well as for regular use.
    Both the cooking and wax papers are coated on both sides.

  • Wax paper (Sheet)

    Wax paper (Sheet)

    An essential item for ensuring your wrapping looks stylish!
    The four designs are sold in colorful boxes. With many different possibilities for use, these are sure to be a favorite.

    [ Main use Wrapping ]

  • Baking sheet

    Baking sheet

    Baking sheets are also great for wrapping use.

    [ Main use Baking, Wrapping ]

  • Cocotte sheet

    Cocotte sheet

    These sheets are perfect for use with items from the cocotte series.
    A great lineup of various materials, sizes and designs is available.

  • Metallic tie

    Metallic tie

    The core material is polyethylene which can be used in metal detectors.

  • Individual packet

    Individual packet

    Choose the individual packet that best fits your container's size.
    Please note that some packets are sold in different quantities to the containers you may wish to use with.

    [ Function Deoxidant ]

For more details on all product and specification, see PDF file.

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