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These cups and trays can be used freely for showcasing savory dishes, putting different sweets together and packaging other items. Packaging and wrapping items are also available for light meals including bread and snacks.

  • Rolled free cup

    Rolled free cup

    As the name suggests, these cups can be used freely for showcasing savory dishes, putting different sweets together and packaging other small items. The freedom of use makes these cups super popular!

    [ Main use Food, Cake cup ]

  • Curled cup & Food cup

    Curled cup & Food cup

    These cups are made from a single pressed piece of paper with laminated PET, eliminating the risk of leakage.
    They’re perfect as containers for individual servings of salads and savory dishes.

    [ Main use Food, Dessert cup, Baking ]

  • Baking tray

    Baking tray

    A layer of PET is coated on the inside to prevent leakage, making these perfect as food trays.

    [ Main use Food tray, Baking ]

  • Porter pail

    Porter pail

    These innovative new food packages are made entirely from paper including the handle.
    They’re known for their natural paper texture and simple, clean designs.

    [ Main use Food, Snack taking out ]

  • Snack bag

    Snack bag

    A great variety of bags are available. Perfect for holding fries or other snack foods.

    [ Main use Food, Snack cup ]

  • Food pail

    Food pail

    Lined with film on the inside, these pails are even suitable for moisture-rich foods.
    They’re a perfect for sandwich lunch boxes or savory dish take-out cases.
    Complete with a cute handle, they give a fun, casual feel.

    [ Main use Food, Snack taking out ]

  • Pleated IT cup <Glass pot>

    Pleated IT cup <Glass pot>

    The interior of this single sheet of paper is coated with a waterproof material to protect hands and tables from drips. An excellent addition to any party or special occasion.

    [ Main use Waterdrop covering ]

  • Eco foods tray

    Eco foods tray

    Our eco foods trays are mainly recommended for frozen foods.
    They’re made completely from paper, making them easier to recycle than plastic trays at a lower cost.

  • Floral cup & Film cup

    Floral cup & Film cup

    These refined, sensitive designs play a wonderful supporting role to bring out the superb flavors of a dish.

For more details on all product and specification, see PDF file.

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