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Our product lineup gorgeously caters for seasonal events like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day and Dolls' Festival. Many cups, trays, packages and cake picks are also available with pretty designs.

  • Christmas sweet tree

    Christmas sweet tree

    Pretty tree shaped paper stand is now available to bring more excitement to shops during Christmas time.
    Individual packets and straps for hanging are also available.
    Cheerful decoration of cones and muffin cups will highlight your shop in a different way better than ever before.

  • Rolled free cup

    Rolled free cup

    These cups are hugely popular for holding a wide range of foods. They're also great for storing sweets.

    [ Main use Cake, Food cup ]

  • Paper tube pan & Fancy cup Oven

    Paper tube pan & Fancy cup Oven

    These substantial sizes yet reasonably priced chiffon cakes are highly recommended for Christmas sweets!

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Cube cup

    Cube cup

    The solid silhouette of these cube cups makes them super cute! They’re the perfect Christmas gifts.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake cup, Sundry goods]

  • Baking cup variation

    Baking cup variation

    Only TEMMA offers fun, decorative baking cups for Christmas in such an extensive range of shapes, designs and materials!

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Baking tray

    Baking tray

    A delicious pound cake in a cute design tray makes a great addition to a Christmas feast.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Cocotte


    Placing regular cakes in a Christmas patterned cocotte is sure to bring out the Christmas cheer!

    [ Main use Cake tray ]

  • Felt series

    Felt series

    These soft textured felt packages are the perfect items for storing Christmas assortment gifts.

    [ Main use Gift case ]

  • Box


    Use these boxes with their fun designs to hold small baked gifts and your store will be bright with the Christmas spirit!

    [ Main use Gift case ]

  • Rolled free cup

    Rolled free cup

    A selection of different sweets makes the perfect gift at Halloween!

    [ Main use Food, Cake cup ]

  • Cup & Tray

    Cup & Tray

    Presenting our lineup of cups and trays for your Halloween sweets.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Small loaf tray

    Small loaf tray

    The standard small loaves become more special cakes with fun designs.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Paper cocotte

    Paper cocotte

    Turn an ordinary cake into a Halloween treat!
    The polka dotted orange sheet matches perfectly too.

    [ Main use Cake tray ]

  • Box


    These cute boxes are great for holding lots of different sweets and are must -have items for Halloween!

    [ Main use Gift case ]

  • Spring


    Everyone will love a cup cake decorated with pink spring designs for the Doll’s Festival or other spring celebrations.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • St.valentine's day

    St.valentine's day

    Frosted cups and a wide range of heart shaped cups. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake cup ]

  • New year

    New year

    This lovely gift box is great for holding New Year’s gifts.
    Fill it with an assortment of small sweets.

    [ Main use Gift case ]

  • Sweet wrapper No Oven

    Sweet wrapper No Oven

    These sweet wrappers are beautiful decorations to adorn your cupcakes. As well as Christmas, there are varieties to enhance events like Halloween, Birthday and many more! Also great for Weddings and other celebrations!

    [ Main use Cup wrapper ]

  • Inner cup

    Inner cup

    These PET cups fit perfectly with the sweet wrappers.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake cup ]

  • Madeleine bag & Cream puff bag

    Madeleine bag & Cream puff bag

    Bags for holding small cakes like madeleines and cream puffs.

  • Ribbon


    Your Christmas and Halloween items won’t be complete without colorful ribbons!

For more details on all product and specification, see PDF file.

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