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Full lineup of various paper baking containers and trays.
Exclusive products of TEMMA using our original unbleached grease-proof paper are available.
Our products can be used for wide range of including each type of baked bread, pound cakes and more.

  • Ring cup

    Ring cup

    This new style of cup has been created by putting a tube in the center of our standard PET cup.
    Use it for donuts, cup cakes or savory breads. Let your creativity loose and produce some fun, eye-catching treats!

    [ Main use Baking, Cake cup ]

  • Twin cup

    Twin cup

    This TEMMA original baking cup features two cups set into a base.
    Give your customers an innovative “two in one” experience by making a pair of two different flavors or adding variations to the toppings.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake cup ]

  • Graceleeve baking cup

    Graceleeve baking cup

    This innovative, unconventional style of baking cup is the perfect platform for creating new baked treats based on your own original ideas. When baking, be sure to use either our special sheet pan or a frame to keep them standing.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake cup ]

  • Potbelly


    We’ve turned these original mini squarebags into baking cups! The varied shapes of the baked products give homey and fun feelings.
    As well as for sweets, they’re also great for holding small items. How you use them is up to you!

    [ Main use Baking, Sundry goods ]

  • Cube cup

    Cube cup

    The non-tapered, straight shape make it look exactly like a cube. These versatile cups are great for baking as well as for holding small food items or other products.

    [ Main use Baking, Sundry goods ]

  • Kraft cube

    Kraft cube

    This unbleached, rustic look is perfect for small baking goods.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake cup ]

  • Modern cube

    Modern cube

    These unique, modern, eye-catching designs go well with Western desserts as well as traditional Japanese sweets.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake cup ]

  • Frosted cube

    Frosted cube

    This semi-transparent material makes the sweet’s layers look even more appetizing appearance.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake cup ]

  • Gâteau tray

    Gâteau tray

    The E-flute fabrication gives extra strength, making the tray a perfect container for small sweets.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake cup ]

  • Double-side folded small loaf tray

    Double-side folded small loaf tray

    The double-folding on the each long side helps prevent expansion.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Small kraft loaf tray

    Small kraft loaf tray

    The greaseproof, unbleached kraft paper made from our original materials is perfect for pound cakes.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Small loaf tray

    Small loaf tray

    The mini pound cake is a staple of the baked goods.
    This tray is one of the most standard types.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Small frosted loaf tray

    Small frosted loaf tray

    This PET material can be used in baking and gives luxurious atmosphere.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Small baking tray

    Small baking tray

    The perfect tray for small sweets like individual cheese cakes or brownies.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Small modern tray

    Small modern tray

    This modern design is inspired by Japanese tastes, making it great for western sweets as well.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Kraft baking tray

    Kraft baking tray

    An original material exclusive to TEMMA.
    As well as for baking, it's also great for serving bread or sweets.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake tray ]

  • Baking tray

    Baking tray

    This great range of versatile baking trays can be used for savory breads, sandwiches, baked sweets and foods. Made with excellent non-stick materials for easy peeling off.

    [ Main use Baking, Food tray ]

  • Frosted baking tray

    Frosted baking tray

    This popular frosted series is great for a cake serving tray and can also be used for baking.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake tray ]

  • Triangle cup

    Triangle cup

    Use them to make triangular sweets.
    They also make good paper cocottes for a piece of cake.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake tray ]

  • Loaf tray

    Loaf tray

    The top of the each long side is folded over to help prevent expansion during baking.
    Give your pound cake a sharp silhouette.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake tray ]

  • Hard loaf tray

    Hard loaf tray

    This tray is a two-layered G-flute cardboard on the long sides. Lids are also available for more diverse usage.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake tray ] *Non-grease proof

  • Baking tray (CT tray)

    Baking tray (CT tray)

    Perfect for pound cakes, the CT tray is TEMMA’s best seller.
    With E-flute fabrication on the outside, they are lightweight yet strong and can be used without a metal pan.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake tray ]

  • Gâteau tray

    Gâteau tray

    The lightweight yet strong E-flute fabrication makes this tray perfect for small, fragile baked sweets like cookies.

    [ Main use Cake tray, Baking ]

  • Baking mould

    Baking mould

    Please take advantage of this paper baking mould which makes expensive metal baking trays obsolete!

    [ Main use Baking mould ]

For more details on all product and specification, see PDF file.

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