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Baking cups of various materials, sizes, shapes and designs are available. Pour the dough directly into the cup and bake, then straight to your showcase. Our wide range of excellent varied products accommodates all your requirements such as baked and fresh confectionery, including muffins, cupcakes, tarts, Mont Blanc and more.

  • Pleated IT cup

    Pleated IT cup

    These cups are created by folding pleats from a single piece of paper, eliminating the risk of leakage.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Pleated OT cup

    Pleated OT cup

    Unfold the pleats and you have a handy little plate to eat off!

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • EU cup

    EU cup

    Standard cups often used in the United States and Europe for muffins and cup cakes.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Tulip cup

    Tulip cup

    The tulip shape creates the perfect silhouette for muffins and other cakes.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Plain cup

    Plain cup

    The simple designs suit well with a wide variety of desserts. The individual packages are a must-have too.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • PET tulip

    PET tulip

    This PET tulip cup is excellent for non-baked sweets like jelly, mousse or Mont Blanc as well as using for baking.

    [ Main use Baking, Dessert cup ]

  • Small color tulip

    Small color tulip

    Made from PET materials and available in nine different colors. These are great for cupcakes and other baked treats, as well as non-baked sweets.

    [ Main use Baking, Dessert cup ]

  • Pie tray

    Pie tray

    These trays, made from a single pressed sheet, have a lip around the edge, making them great for tarts and pies.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake cup ]

  • PET cake cup

    PET cake cup

    The slim shape brings a refreshing look to this standard design.

    [ Main use Baking, Dessert cup ]

  • PET muffi n cup

    PET muffi n cup

    Introducing a new type of cup with PET laminate on the inside!
    The pop, colorful designs are fresh and new style unlike any other muffin cups in our collection to date.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Muffin cup & Baking cup

    Muffin cup & Baking cup

    These standard baking cups for muffins and cup cakes come in a variety of sizes and designs.
    We can also produce cups with original designs for you.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Potato cup & Mini baking cup

    Potato cup & Mini baking cup

    Perfect for everyone's favorite bite sized treats, like sweet potato desserts, muffins and cup sized cream puffs.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Pergamin cup

    Pergamin cup

    A mini baking cup with a slightly luxury feeling, made from European pergamin paper.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Top tipped cup

    Top tipped cup

    This unusually shaped cup with its mouth cut at an angle creates a novel silhouette.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake cup ]

  • Cheese cake cup

    Cheese cake cup

    Cheese cakes are the favorite all over the world. Off ering colorful designs to make a simple cake stand out in two different sizes.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Petit gâteau cup

    Petit gâteau cup

    It looks like a cup made from aluminum foil, however it is actually created from paper and film.

    [ Main use Baking, Dessert cup ]

  • Café sweets

    Café sweets

    This new styling is inspired by a café image. The streamlined shapes and chic designs are sure to deliver a lovely coffee break atmosphere. Enjoy a scrumptious dessert to complement the delicious cup of coffee.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Pergamin cup

    Pergamin cup

    This series uses “pergamin,” a type of paper often used in cake cups in Europe.
    The unique texture brings a sense of luxury not seen in regular paper cups.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Enjoy party cake cup

    Enjoy party cake cup

    These adorably unique shapes and designs bring an extra touch of fun to the standard muffins.

    [ Main use Baking ]

  • Frosted cup

    Frosted cup

    The Frosted cup series is popular for its translucent look and simple designs.
    We have added our pop and colorful designs to give the range even more variety.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake cup ]

  • Colorful cake cup

    Colorful cake cup

    Available in five different colors.
    They brighten up the store display and make the cakes look mouthwatering!

    [ Main use Baking, Cake cup ]

  • Small frosted cup

    Small frosted cup

    Our best-selling frosted cup series now features the long-awaited mini sized cup!
    The small size is perfect for mini cupcakes, and the translucent material creates a luxurious feel!

    [ Main use Baking, Cake cup ]

  • Tall cup

    Tall cup

    These tall cups certainly catch customers’ attention and have proved to be highly popular!
    As well as for baking, they are great for stick type desserts or as containers for small sweets.
    The translucent Frosted cup is also a favorite.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake cup ]

  • Refined cup

    Refined cup

    The sleek, refined designs on silver paper make the cake’s colorful toppings look even more beautiful, giving a more luxurious feeling than you get with regular cups.

    [ Main use Baking, Cake cup ]

For more details on all product and specification, see PDF file.

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