Baking mould & Tray

Full lineup of various paper baking containers and trays.
Exclusive products of TEMMA using our original unbleached grease-proof paper are available.
Our products can be used for wide range of including each type of baked bread, pound cakes and more.

Baking cup variation

Baking cups of various materials, sizes, shapes and designs are available. Pour the dough directly into the cup and bake, then straight to your showcase. Our wide range of excellent varied products accommodates all your requirements such as baked and fresh confectionery, including muffins, cupcakes, tarts, Mont Blanc and more.

Patisserie collection

Various product items enhance the deliciousness of confections such as cakes and cup deserts. A broad range of desert containers, bakeable cups and cake plates with various shapes and sizes are available that are made of paper or plastic.

Frosted & Paper Cocotte

These are ever-popular series as the presentation trays for cakes and confections. A wide product range exclusive to TEMMA that are round shapes, semitransparent and 24 different color variations. Cocotte sheets made of paper or film are also available.

Paper tube pan & Fancy cup

TEMMA's paper tube pans have been one of our best sellers since the launch and TEMMA is the only one to offer such an extensive range.
Unique shape cups in hearts and stars have gained high reputation and perfect for event occasions.

Japanese design series

This design series aims to unite the East with the West.
Baking cups suitable for wide variety of desserts plus film cups for confectionery and delicatessen are also in our product range.

Bamboo wrap

This bamboo series is based on an image of wrapping food up in a piece of bamboo skin.
Pinting and embossing techniques express the feeling of bamboo very realistically.

Food series

These cups and trays can be used freely for showcasing savory dishes, putting different sweets together and packaging other items.
Packaging and wrapping items are also available for light meals including bread and snacks.

PET cup

PET baking cups enables filling and baking dough without using a metal mold.
Our large product lineup of shapes, sizes and designs covers a broad range of applications for containers and cups for various shaped bread, baked confections like cupcakes, madeleine and also for delicatessens.

Swell case cup

Swell case cups are commonly used as container and paper liner for confectionery and food.
Every material like glassine paper, parchment paper and aluminum foil, all shapes of like round, oval and a few hundred different sizes are all available to meet customers' requirements.

Cristmas & Special occations

Our product lineup gorgeously caters for seasonal events like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day and Dolls' Festival. Many cups, trays, packages and cake picks are also available with pretty designs.

Packaging & Wrapping goods

Our products include various packages and wrapping materials like carry boxes for takeout, decorated boxes, paper wrapping bags, wax paper, cooking paper and individual packets.

Cup Separator

The "Temma Cup Separator" is the culmination of our technology and know-how we have built over years in design and manufacturing of molding machines for paper containers. This system provides automation of cup supply. Our technical department will give their full support while ou are setting up and introducing the system and will continue with after-sales support.

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