About us

You will find TEMMA in a place where looks delicious.

You wander into a store and find yourself somehow drawn to a particular sweet.
You can tell immediately that it has been made with tender loving care and it’s going to taste delicious.
That is a place where people can’t help but smile and where you will find TEMMA’s containers.

Greetings from the president

Thank you very much for visiting our Website.
TEMMA SHIKI launched production and sale in Osaka of containers and packages for Western-style confectionery in 1960.
Ever since, we strive for enhancing our business in the industry of confectionery and bakery.
We appreciate your cooperation and support in helping us meet these achievements.

Since establishment, we create various products with a concept of "product development emphasizing the palatability of food." ISO22000 has been introduced as the food safety management system for improved hygienic control environment in addition to our improvement in quality, creativity and cost. We continue with all our effort to prevent any problems that may impact food hygiene.

We will pursue customers' needs striving in the development of newer products. We will continue to challenge all aspects of our business operations to insure our customers' business continues to expand and grow in prosperity.

Hiroshi Temma, President and CEO

Corporate concept

Producing paper containers for "deliciousness"

TEMMA is an innovative development company that produces original products in which customer satisfaction and unique ideas are created into actual products. We strive to be a company that shares delight and growth through a contribution to society, the marketplace and many industries with “deliciousness.”

To deliver “deliciousness”

Our products are developed with designs and functionalities that are easy to use for customers when cooking and excellently portray its delicious contents. We strive for creative development and production every day, respecting the desire of those who produce food and the feeling of those who eat it.

Good designs increase sales.

Even when much deliciousness is guaranteed, it is essential to catch customer’s eyes first.So the design of containers and wrappings are critical. Our dedicated staff will meticulously work on your requests to meet your requirements. We then offer proposals with data and physical samples in various stages of the designs including three-dimensional shape.

A broad range of products are availab

TEMMA covers a vast number of products to suit different application. Standard products ensure immediate delivery. Made-to-order products provide customer’s originality into shape. Seasonal product designs are also available such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day.


Utilizing accumulation of our original molding techniques.

TEMMA designs and produces molding machines as well as the metal molds in the Divisions of Technology(IP LAB). This capability enables us to produce our products in a short period of time to meet immediate requirements for customers. We strive to create unique products which cannot be imitated by any other companies using our tecnology and know-how we have built over the years.

Commitment for “just-in-time”

TEMMA product is a part of the customer’s products.Unless there is a continuous supply, confectionery or food production will be suspended. TEMMA has established a system of production plan based on a daily demand forecast to prevent the shortage of the products.

We strive for high quality and hygienic products in all sincerity.

In the production and sale of food containers, through consistent quality and hygenic control are critical. TEMMA has been certified with ISO22000 in both 2 manufacturing bases(Nara & Tsukuba plant). We make extreme effort for thorough quality control, in addition to establishment and improvement of our hygenic environment to ensure reliable produntion quality and safety.

Custom Order Product

We desire to meet any type of request.

Please contact us when you can’t find the containers in the shape and design you need. Our five sales offices will immediately undertake to accommodate your request.
The persons responsible will be carefully selected from the Sales Department, Planning & Development Department, Engineering Department and Production Department. A project system will be set up to address your request.

Project system

Product Development Process

Ideas from customers are immediately converted into shapes.

  1. Introduction discussion

    First of all, we listen to your request in detail. We then consider the usage purpose, required functionality, materials, form, size, design and desirable cost.

  2. Planning

    Based on the request, a plan will be proposed on schedule and cost including base material development, machine usage and necessity of producing container molds.

  3. Sample production

    Samples will be produced, based on the proposed plan. We will continue to improve the sample until it reaches the customer’s saisfaction.

  4. Usage test

    Trial tests will be requested under the same conditions as the products will be actually used. Performance should be checked through each process of manufacturing, packaging, distribution and sales.

  5. Finalized specification

    Final specification will be confirmed including materials, form, size, color proof for design, and cost before starting production.

  6. Commercialization

    A production plan will be determined that meets a customer’s desirable delivery time and our production capabilities. The products will be delivered to customers in the specified packaging form.

Company outline

Company name Temmashiki Co., Ltd.
Founded April 1949
Established January 1960
Capital 15 Million yen
Settlement of accounts March 31 (once per year)
Management Hiroshi Temma, President and CEO
Directors Takashi Temma, Managing Director
Nozomu Minami, Managing Director
Hideo Yamamoto, Managing Director
Products Paper confectionary and bread molds, various baking cups, confectionery baking paper, various molds, shaped molding system containers paper press containers, aluminum foil containers, coffee filters, various food containers.
Employees 160
Annual sales The 55th term 2.98 billion yen
The 56th term 1.74 billion yen (6 months)
* As of FY2015, we have changed the settlement of accounts to March. Therefore, the sales listed for the transitional period of FY2015 are those from the 6-month period from October 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015.


Five sales offices all over Japan have been established to integrate operations immediately to meet requests from customers anywhere.

Osaka Head Office

Namba Plaza Building, 1-5-7 Motomachi, Naniwaku, Osaka 556-0016 TEL: 06-6649-0031
FAX: 06-6649-0585
Email: osaka@temma.co.jp

Branch offices

Tokyo Sales Office

Katsumura Building, 1-4-2 Kayabacho, Nihonbashi, Chuoku, Tokyo 103-0025 TEL: 03-3639-4833
FAX: 03-3639-5644
Email: tokyo@temma.co.jp

Sapporo Sales Office

6-2-26 Kita33johigashi, Higashiku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 065-0033 TEL: 011-299-5437
FAX: 011-299-5438
Email: sapporo@temma.co.jp

Nagoya Sales Office

Nishiki maru-M Bldg. 9F, 3-1-30 Nishiki, Nakaku, Nagoya 460-0003 TEL: 052-229-8466
FAX: 052-229-8662
Email: nagoya1@temma.co.jp

Fukuoka Sales Office

Daini Mukai Building, 3-1-29 Hakataekihigashi, Hakataku, Fukuoka 812-00013 TEL: 092-482-2428
FAX: 092-482-2947
Email: fukuoka@temma.co.jp

Nara Factory

45-1 Ikezawacho, Yamatokoriyama, Nara 639-1032 TEL: 0743-56-2701
FAX: 0743-56-2702
Email: nara@temma.co.jp

PD center/IP LAB
90-13 Ikezawacho, Yamatokoriyama, Nara 639-1032
TEL: 0743-23-0120

0743-23-0135(IP LAB.)

Email: pd1@temma.co.jp

Tsukuba Factory

5-4-1 Toukoudai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 300-2635 TEL: 029-895-0144
FAX: 029-895-0145

Overseas business office

Wuxi Temma Paper Cup Co,. Ltd.

No.312 Youyi Road, Xishan Development Zone, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province 214191 China TEL: +86-510-8377-8817
FAX: +86-510-8377-9763
Website: http://www.temma.com.cn

TEMMA brand for the world

Since we established the International Department, the sales have been increasing and our products are now used over 20 different countries around the world. In addition to North America and Asia where the sales show strong growth, to intensify sales for Europe, we actively participate in exhibitions, such as in France, Germany and so on.
We strive to develop production techniques to suit the requirements of individual countries and provide safe and high-quality products all over the world.

Base for abroad markets
[Wuxi Temma Paper Cup Co,. Ltd.]

Since we established Wuxi Temma Paper Cup Co., Ltd. (a joint venture) in Wuxi, Jiansu in China, production and sales in the local area have made favorable progress. It also plays a role as the base for inquiries from abroad.
We have acquired ISO22000 and QS certification and continue to strive to provide the ever best quality to customers all over the world.

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